Track Reviews: The Killers/Fall Out Boy/Queens of the Stone Age

A new track from one of my favourite bands, a second single to the Fall Out Boy album I’m getting increasingly nervous for and an electronic influenced track are all up for analysis in this track review. How are they? Let’s talk about them…

The Killers- The Man

The Killers have long been one of my favourite bands with their 2004 album ‘Hot Fuss’ being one of my all time favourite albums and I’ve been waiting since 2012’s ‘Battle Born’ for a new Killers album. Well it looks like the wait will be over soon with the Killers releasing their upcoming new album later this year. The first single of which was released  a few weeks ago.

The Man I feel is a good reintroduction to The Killers after a fairly lengthy break between albums as it sounds similar to other Killers songs while also showcasing a newer sound to the band. The song this reminds me the most of is Midnight Show due to similar lyrical themes and an almost bragging feel to the song. However unlike many songs which deal with this topic there’s a definite sense of self awareness to the track which means the track doesn’t make the band sound full of themselves. The song I feel also sounds similar to something that would appear on their 2008 album ‘Day & Age’ which is also interesting to seem them return to that sound.

The music definitely sounds very Killers-esque with plenty of influence from indie rock and 80’s rock with also what feels like some 70’s disco which is always enjoyable. Unfortunately for people looking to find something unique to the rest of The Killers music and is rather typical, however if you’re looking for a good song that’s definitely above average in terms of quality then I recommend checking this one out, it’s certainly good the have The Killers back and while this isn’t unique it’s still got enough there to satisfy listeners and get them excited for their upcoming album.

Score: 3.5/5


Fall Out Boy- Champion

Ok so first things first I know my last track review blog post featured a Fall Out Boy song and I didn’t give it a favourable review. But the band put out a new song and because I do like Fall Out Boy I feel it’s only right to cover their second single of their upcoming album ‘ Mania’. So let’s talk about Champion.

First of all I have to say this is a much better song than Young and Menace which I consider to be the worst song the band have ever released. However saying that this song is better than Young and Menace isn’t saying much as while the song is an improvement there’s still things about this song that don’t work and making me wonder with a sense of dread what ‘Mania’ is going to sound like.

First of all the lyrics seem to be a little vague as the song is about pushing through hard times but the song never gives any detail as to what these hard times are and the song comes off as pretty non specific because of it and prevents the song from making a connection with the listener. The lyrics seem to hint towards something like their should be some sort of story or narrative to the song but the vagueness creates a lack of any real depth.

The music is a vast improvement however and there are actually real instruments being used in this song, and being used well. The drums and guitars especially stand out in this song which is rare for a modern Fall Out Boy song. However I still feel that the band are being held back by the fact they’re very clearly trying to be a pop band, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the way the band are going about it makes the songs fairly generic and lack any real staying power. The song reminds me of something like a lesser version of Centuries or Immortals and to be honest this song overall while the music may be a little better the lyrics still bring the song down and ultimately this songs biggest problem is that it’s easily forgettable. While this may be better than Young and Menace it’s still not brilliant.

Score: 2.5/5


Queens of the Stone Age- The Way You Used to Do

Queens of the Stone Age are one of those bands I actually don’t listen to a huge amount however when I listened to this song based on a recommendation from a friend I had to write about this song as it was so good.

The is a very electronic sounding song with some clear classic rock influences and is brilliantly unique and creative and after this year has been somewhat dull music wise this track stands out. The real star of this song is the incredible guitar work, the riffs are instantly catchy and will almost certainly get stuck in your head after listening to the song a few times, it’d definitely got a fun and upbeat party feel and if you’re looking for songs to add to your summer playlist this is one you definitely want to add.

The vocals are also a highlight of the song with lyrics that, while simplistic in places, flow very well together, strangely enough the vocal delivery does have a Killers feel to it, in fact the whole song sounds like a cross between the Arctic Monkeys and The Killers and being  fan of both of those bands this song definitely appeals to me greatly.

Score: 4.5/5


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