Track Reviews: Foo Fighters/Stone Sour/Fall Out Boy

There’s new music by the Foo Fighters, Stone Sour and Fall Out Boy, so instead of doing 3 short reviews let’s just cover all of them, without further ado let’s talk about them…

Foo Fighters- Run

So the first of the three songs I’ll be covering will be Foo Fighters new single, Run. This one has definitely taken it’s time growing on me however I have to say after a few listens I’m finding this to be a very enjoyable song. It’s good to hear the Foo Fighters taking on a harder rock sound with even some screamed vocals thrown in, it’s rare especially in more recent years we get to hear such gruff vocals in a Foo Fighters song but hear it works to the songs advantage. The vocals aren’t the only element to praise though the musicality on the track is also just as good as the vocals with some really enjoyable guitar work, both on the softer intro to the tack and then the faster more aggressive sections of the song.

I will say it’s also good to hear some harder rock music after this year so far has seen a lot of rock bands turn towards a more pop/radio friendly sound. However for all my praising of this track like I said at the beginning of this review it can take a while to grow on you, plus while I like this song it’s definitely something that I can see some Foo Fighters fans, particularly fans of their more softer sound, not liking. But with that in mind I still recommend this song, it’s definitely worth a listen or two.

Score: 3.5/5


Stone Sour- Taipei Person/Allah Tea

As fan of basically anything Corey Taylor does and a fan of Stone Sour I’ve been waiting with anticipation since 2013 since ‘The House of Gold and Bones Part 2’ for a new full length Stone Sour album. While Stone Sour have released several new singles I will be covering their most recent single Taipei Person/Allah Tea. I have to say as I did with the Foo Fighters song it’s good to hear some real rock music to come out of this year which has been lacking in regards to heavier music.

This song however is even heavier and continues to explore the direction the band was heading on their ‘House of Gold and Bones’ albums. Which certainly in my opinion isn’t an issue as both part 1 and part 2 of ‘House and Gold and Bones’ are my favourite albums by Stone Sour.

The guitar work is brilliant on this track, capturing the chaotic and aggressive nature of the song and the guitar solo towards the end of the track holds qualities of classic hard rock which is always welcomed to hear. Corey Taylor is just as good as always on vocals and while there are plenty of moments of screamed vocals to satisfy fans of Taylor’s work in Slipknot there are just as many moments of his clean vocals, which is an aspect I’ve always liked about Stone Sour as I like both Corey Taylor’s clean and unclean vocals and Stone Sour always has a good wide range of both.

Overall a strong recommendation for fans of hard rock and I’m defiantly excited for Stone Sour’s upcoming album and you can definitely expect a review of that when it’s released.

Score: 4.5/5


Fall Out Boy- Young and Menace

You know know how a theme amongst the songs I just reviewed was a lack of rock music? Well safe to say that theme stops now with this latest track by Fall Out Boy off their upcoming album ‘Mania’. Now just to clarify I like Fall Out Boy, I still liked them when the decided to cater their sound towards a more mainstream sound. I actually liked ‘Save Rock and Roll’ quite a bit and while I didn’t like ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ as much their were songs off it I liked.

With that said this song is to put it simply a complete mess. I genuinely can not stand it, in my opinion it’s awful. If you like this song then that’s great and it’s good you can find something good in something I can’t. This is just all my opinion and again if you have a differing opinion then that’s fine.

One thing I really don’t like about this song is how they use the electronic elements and the incorporation of EDM. Specifically the drop around the chorus and the unnecessary and frankly annoying pitch shifts on Patrick Stumps vocals. For some reason at numerous points of the song they make him sound like a reject from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

The blast of EDM fuzz around the chorus I also dislike, it makes the song sound like a complete mess and to be honest that’s probably the best way to describe this song, it’s just a mess. Pete Wentz has never hidden his love of rap and electronic music and there isn’t anything wrong with liking those genres and wanting to incorporate those genres into Fall Out Boy. But this song is just an example of the worst possible way to incorporate them into a song.

If this is the sound that Fall Out Boy will have on their upcoming album then I’m truly not looking forward to listening to it as I have no hesitation in calling this in my opinion the absolute worst song Fall Out Boy have ever recorded.

Score: 0.5/5


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