Album Review: New Found Glory- Makes Me Sick

New Found Glory after their last album, ‘Resurrection’, in 2014 have released ‘Makes Me Sick’. Interesting name but does this album truly make people nauseous? Well let’s talk about it…

So first things first I can confirm that listing to this album is completely safe and will not induce vomiting which is fortunate. In fact New Found Glory’s latest release is actually a rather enjoyable album, although not perfect I can definitely confirm it’s a must listen for this summer. ‘Makes Me Sick’ likely won’t be poised to win award after award but is enjoyable enough and packed with enough upbeat pop-punk songs to satisfy listeners.

I have to admit this album took a few listens to really grow on me and many of the songs such as Your Jokes Aren’t Funny and Call Me Anti-Social upon repeated listens I’ve definitely been enjoying more and more. Other songs however still aren’t growing on me as much, songs like Happy Being Miserable and Barbed Wire I’m not really gravitating towards as much and while not awful songs don’t really stand out much either.

In fact that might be this albums biggest weakness is many of the songs don’t really stand out and instead merge together. Songs like the ones I mentioned along with others like Short and Sweet while not awful songs are in some respects rather generic pop-punk songs. I mentioned how this is a great summer album and if you’re looking for albums to play at a party then these songs I feel would be absolutely fine as they’re perfectly serviceable and enjoyable however because of this many of the songs don’t hold my attention and instead become background noise.

However that’s not the case with all the songs, particularly songs like Party On Apocalypse and The Sound Of Two Voices which are really great party songs which also manage to hold my attention and have a very upbeat feel and also see New Found Glory mixing new influences with their traditional pop-punk sound. The album certainly has some very laid back moments that make the album stand out more amongst the rest of New Found Glory’s discography. The experimentation of this album and it’s relaxed feel in my opinion is what really makes this album work.

However for all the talk of experimentation it’s very much still a New Found Glory album, and if you like New Found Glory like I do you’ll find plenty to enjoy about this album and even might find yourself really getting into the wider range of styles the band takes influences from. If you’re not a fan of New Found Glory or pop-punk then it might be best for you to skip this album as this album is very clearly catered towards a specific demographic and if you don’t fit that demographic or you’re looking for something with a lot of variety and a lot of creativity then this isn’t the album for you unfortunately. However if you’re looking for a fun upbeat summer album to play at a party with some friends or looking for a good New Found Glory album then this is most certainly the album for you so in that regard and if that sounds like something you’d be interested in then New Found Glory’s ‘Makes Me Sick’ gets a recommendation from me.

Score: 3.5/5

Favourite Songs: Party On Apocalypse, The Sound of Two Voices, The Cheapest Thrill

Least Favourites: Happy Being Miserable, Barbed Wire, Short and Sweet

For Fans Of: Bowling For Soup, Blink-182, All Time Low


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