Album Review: Creeper- Eternity In Your Arms

English punk-rock band Creeper have opted to make there debut album a concept album about a paranormal investigator. Definitely an original idea but does the album live up to it’s pretty bad-ass narrative? Well let’s talk about it…

Ok so for a bit of context Creeper have been around for the last couple of years first bursting onto the music scene in 2014 with there self titled EP ‘Creeper’ which was followed by two more EP’s, ‘The Callous Heart’ in 2015 and ‘The Stranger’ in 2016, all of which are definitely worth a listen. After growing a strong following through their EP work and gaining the approval of several critics and listeners their debut full length album ‘Eternity in Your Arms’ had some pretty high expectations to meet, and I’m happy to report they more than surpassed those expectations, at least in my opinion.

The album has a certain theatrical mood to it which at times reminds me of albums such as My Chemical Romance’s ‘The Black Parade’ (2006) and Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ (2004). However while the influence of those bands, among others, is certainly present the album still stands by itself with its own unique sound and feel. The mixture of dark and poetic lyrics on sounds such as Misery and Crickets blend seamlessly with the upbeat and catchy nature of songs such as Suzanne and Winona Forever. The theatrical nature of the album gives it a unique and distinctive sound which calls back to other albums but still crafts a solid identity for the band and this album in particular.

The music also compliments the lyrics brilliantly on the album. The music is very much punk-rock in mood and spirit with some brilliant use of guitar and drums throughout the album, as well as some interesting use of keyboards which are always a great addition whenever used. A standout moment on the album is the guitar on Misery which is wonderfully haunting and helps set the mood of this very dark song.

Another brilliantly dark song on the album is Crickets, for this song the lead vocalist Will Gould hands vocals for this song over to the bands keyboardist Hannah Greenwood. Her performance here makes me want to hear more of her on future Creeper material. Not to say she out preforms Gould vocal abilities however as he manages to carry the album brilliantly partially on songs such as Down Below and Misery, with Gould serving as the guide on the albums insane yet genius narrative.

When making a concept album the narrative often plays a large role in the success of the album as the narrative has to be consistent throughout for a concept album to really grasp people. Creeper definitely fulfils this criteria on this record as the narrative is both brilliantly unique and is carried throughout all the songs, however never to the point where the narrative is distracting as the songs are strong enough to also stand by themselves and be enjoyed individually. The concept itself as I mentioned in the introduction is brilliantly unique, the band have been described by some as horror-punk and with a concept drawing inspiration from the paranormal they band have certainly cemented that idea with this record.

One track I do want to talk about in a little more detail is the closing track, I Choose To Live. Now this isn’t a bad song and it does conclude the narrative however I personally would have liked to see maybe a more theatrical and bombastic track before this song, there’s nothing wrong with a sombre ending to an album but I’d have also liked to see the album go out with a bang as well. However I Choose To Live is still a satisfying ending to the album and still and enjoyable song.

Overall this album so far has been my favourite of 2017, a year that personally I believe hasn’t been great in terms of music so far. If you haven’t heard the album yet then definitely check it out.

Score: 5/5

Favourite Songs: Misery, Down Below, Suzanne, Crickets, Hiding With Boys

Least Favourites: I Choose To Live, Poison Pens

For Fans Of: My Chemical Romance, The Used, Green Day


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